Krenn - The Avon Collection

Krenn - The Avon Collection


Designer, Freyja Sewell 2022

KRENN from the new Avon Collection, mirrors the circular fluidity of Cornish streams and brooks. Designed by Freyja Sewell, Krenn, which takes its name from the Cornish word for ‘round’, leads the eye through the curving journey of these natural waterways.

An elegant family of three mix-and-match acoustic designs, Avon is inspired by Cornish waterways' biophilic curves and precise, perfectly parallel lines. The three designs - KRENN, LEVEN and FLOW, work individually or in combination, providing elegant and beautiful sound insulation with the calming flows and curves of nature and waterways. 

Made from 12mm EchoPanel® by Woven Image, the Avon Collection is available in a wide palette of 33 on-trend colours. Manufactured locally using traditional tooling techniques, the Avon Collection offers an interchangeable elegant and delicate acoustic solution for any interior.

Invented and launched by Woven Image in 2004, EchoPanel® is an original decorative acoustic panelling solution with eco-innovation at its core. EchoPanel® is made using 60% post-consumer PET from single-use bottles that would otherwise have ended up in landfills or our oceans. To date, over 230 million plastic bottles have been repurposed to produce EchoPanel® products.

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