Workspace Design Show 2023

The Collective is proud to support Woven Image and BDP at this year's Workspace Design Show. 

It’s no secret that the workspace has undergone major developments since the pandemic. And, whilst the worst of it is seemingly over, society as a whole is still trying to manoeuvre how we utilise the once very traditional space. 

What is the professional environment now meant to encompass? How are creatives, designers, and architects tackling projects? Where is the spotlight of importance… safe to say it's on responsible actions, both environmentally and socially.

The 2023 Workspace Design Show, held at The Business Design Centre 27 - 28 February tackled these questions. The show explored new approaches and ideas shared during an extensive talks programme, working alongside numerous exhibition stands from innovative suppliers and manufacturers. The Collective were honoured to work on two key activations at this years show.



Working with our partners at Woven Image the new collections of Fuji and Ohm  took centre stage at the Woven Image stand. These new collections were presented in a meticulously designed exhibit that focused on three core messages - our responsibility, our striking colour portfolio and the UK launch of the new FUJI ceiling tile collection.

Two 'boxes' formed a distinctive point of expression on the stand. The 'green' box was dedicated to the core sustainable practices, the driving force of the business. Impressive statement facts were surrounded by ION and GEM designs from the embossed collection plus the 3D moulded tile ASCENT, all illuminated with the new FUJI 3D acoustic ceiling tile integrated with lighting.

The 'red' box celebrated a warm colour cell to step into, surrounded by precision cut EchoPanel designs from the standard collections.The recently launched warm colour of Cinnamon 167 colour, was interrupted with a bold shard of Rouge 193, which gave the effect of a light colour wash from the overhead lamp. New OHM plus the Empire and Latitude designs clad the interiors of the box.

The central installation focused on new FUJI, a series of 3D acoustic ceiling tiles that can be suspended or affixed to the Array metal extrusion for a ceiling grid solution. The Fuji ceiling series is currently available in three designs of varying sizes, Fuji JUNI, Fuji KU and Fuji ROKU.

The perimeter walls of the stand were clad in PICO and ZEN from the embossed collection, designed with a distinctive split level detail.



The 'Change by Design' Lounge area designed by BDP and working The Furniture Practice was the second partnership with The Collective at the exhibition.

The space questioned the impact of workplace design on the natural environment, demonstrated in a dramatic lounge and talks area that illustrated how recycled, reused and biomaterials in design projects can shape a low-carbon future.

The space was constructed from bespoke metal frames that surrounded the space, filled strictly from EchoPanel® PET off-cuts supplied by The Collective, a nod to material efficiency. The installation was directed by the shapes and colours of the raw material that were available at the point of production, a truly intuitive design that had everyone thinking on their feet. This process encouraged all involved to continuously consider how to incorporate zero-waste design within system thinking. 

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a presentation on the new collections.