Take Back to Give Back - PET Reclaim service


The Collective's new TAKE-BACK service aims to encourage circularity and raise awareness about the positive impact of recycling on the planet.

The team have been working meticulously hard over the last 22 months to redesign our product offering and systems with circularity in mind. Putting in place measures that guarantee we work to a reusable system - in the hopes that it encourages mainstream change. The result is a truly game-changing product, Re.Wrap launching in April’23. It is a solution that re-claims and re-values PET waste in its entirety. 

This industry-first TAKE-BACK service is part of our holistic practice, taking accountability for PET waste, be that samples, off-cuts from the manufacturing process, or PET panels currently displayed as commercial interiors. The beauty of this new system, is that it's inclusive of all disused PET from Woven Image or any other manufacturer. A system where we hope to create a new normal for the industry. We see recycling programmes, upcycling campaigns and use-less designs in many other industries, but it's clear that the commercial interior environment needs to catch-up. Our new TAKE-BACK system is a product of our commitment to doing better, a bid to extend the value and lifecycle of PET off-cuts, eliminating the need to break down or re-process original PET panels, which in turn reduces our carbon emissions as no additional expense is needed to create new panels. This initiative is born from the need to respect our environment and community, tackling climate responsibility together, not as a single unit. 

To ensure that we provide support throughout the entire process, our logistics team will take full control and responsibility - all we need from you is a few notes of information to get the ball rolling. 

PET Samples 

PET Off-cuts 

PET Project Panels 

Follow the relevant link below to start your RE.CLAIM - RE.VALUE - RE.WRAP journey. 

TAKE-BACK is just the beginning, stay-tuned for our upcoming responsibility manifesto, where we’ll discuss our pillars for incremental change.