Keeping it sweet - Brand new beehive made from recycled milk bottles

Does it get any sweeter than giving our wildlife a home and a helping hand utilising plastic waste?

Welcome - Bee Hive by Loll Designs, made from recycled HDPE plastic (milk bottles).

Bee Hive is the product of a collaboration with Duluth-based Lake Superior Honey Co. Their take on the classic residential bee hive adds an element of modern design to your backyard, while also functioning as a practical apiary.


“We designed the hive with intuitive ventilation, a lockable flat roof to save on costs, tall legs for better ergonomics for the beekeeper, and a sturdier box for the internal wood frames, while maintaining enough “bee space” throughout. The Loll Hive works with off the shelf 9⅛” wood frames. It has an internal separator that you can move as the colony grows.”

Bee Hive just one of a range of products by Loll Designs with our flora and fauna in mind, including birdhouses, planters and dog bowls, all made from recycled HDPE plastic.

Mondo planter.jpeg