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'Take-Back' to Give Back

The Collective's unique TAKE-BACK service offers a complimentary retrieval service for all disused PET from our industry, including samples, manufacturing off-cuts, damaged panels or decommissioned interior installations - not just EchoPanel® but PET from any manufacturer. Our team strips out, decants and moves all PET from site to the Re.Wrap manufacturing plant in Bedfordshire for repurposing into second-cycle use, in the form of Re.Wrap.

At The Collective we are experts in PET and undertake a holistic industry-wide responsibility for the material. This unique, industry-first TAKE-BACK service encourages material circularity and responsibility, re-purposing and re-valueing PET that would otherwise go to landfill. A initiative that is a product of our commitment to doing better

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How to book your PET Take-Back collection

Simply select from the following options to register your collection.

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What happens to your PET waste

Over the last 22 months our team have been working fastidiously  to find a solution that repurposes and adds new value to waste PET. Our solution is, what we believe to be a truly ‘game-changing’ product - Re.Wrap.

Re.Wrap is a dedicated acoustic fabric-wrapped panel system made entirely from reclaimed and revalued PET, that is collected from The Collectives Take-Back scheme. Made using more than 90% second-cycle material ( and only three materials in total), Re.Wrap is driven by a passion for circular and responsible design. Using an intelligent patent-pending design Re.Wrap is 100% recyclable to enable material circularity of PET again and again.

Thank you for helping us look after our planet.