Bee Hive

Bee Hive

Loll Designs

Bee Hive is the product of a collaboration with Duluth-based Lake Superior Honey Co.

Our take on the classic residential bee hive adds an element of modern design to your backyard, while also functioning as a practical apiary. We designed the hive with intuitive ventilation, a lockable flat roof to save on costs, tall legs for better ergonomics for the beekeeper, and a sturdier box for the internal wood frames, while maintaining enough “bee space” throughout.

The Loll Hive works with off the shelf 9⅛” wood frames. It has an internal separator that you can move as the colony grows. Propolis sticks to the plastic but the solid, non-porous dense plastic allows for easy cleaning. A channeled roof clips on with lockable pins and the overhang makes it weather resistant. An easily adjustable door allows the keeper to increase the size of the entrance. Three sliding ventilation bars are visually adjustable.

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