We are lollygaggers



  1. To idle about; He has the summer free for play, swimming, berry picking, and general lallygagging

Let us introduce you to Loll Designs, the latest addition to The Collective furniture portfolio.

Loll Designs offers a range of indoor/outdoor furniture suitable for the residential and contract markets including chairs, benches, tables and much, much more.

There are quite a few reasons we were taken by Loll Designs furniture, of course it looks great but that's not enough to make the cut, we are not just skin deep.



Here at The Collective, we really care about the environment.  We want to live and work in beautiful inspiring spaces but not at the cost of our earth.  Loll Designs as a company aligns with these beliefs - not only is their furniture made from 100% HDPE (recycled milk jugs) AND is 100% recyclable but the company themselves are committed to doing what they can for the environment


The best way to be environmental is to buy less often - so buy things that last.  Loll Designs products are the durable with a capital D.  They can stand up to the sun, wind, rain and snow outside so just imagine how it perform indoors.



We work hard, but choose carefully who we work with.  The team behind Loll Designs are a great bunch of people who make working a pleasure and at the end of the day, we can all appreciate the need to just loll about.




We are so excited to be the exclusive agent for this delightful furniture range in the United Kingdom and can't wait to see it being used and loved for years to come all over the country.  To find out more, please get in touch or download the brochure.

The Lollygagger Lounge chair in grey

The Lollygagger Lounge chair in grey



Lets go outside - in the sunshine

Is it safe to say that winter has packed up and slunk off?  That spring is here?  At the risk of bringing on a snow flurry, we say yes!

Alfresco is now achievable and to go with it, we have some stunning designer outdoor furniture which can withstand the summer sun, spring frost and occasional downpour for years to come.

Loll Lago Lounge

Loll Lago Lounge

Loll designs have create an extensive range of indoor/outdoor furniture that is made out of recycled milk jugs.  Loll is environmentally friendly, all weather, durable furniture with loads of sit appeal and not just for outside either, the Loll range is perfect for high use areas like cafeterias and universities.

IMO indoor/outdoor furniture is born and bred in New Zealand and if it's tough enough for them, it's tough enough for us.  A gloriously fun range of stool and tables that can be powdercoated in a plethora of colours to scratch your quirky itch.

IMO A2 440H Stool

IMO A2 440H Stool

Bring on lunch hour!