Eikund wins loose furniture product of the year


The 20th June 2019 was a night to remember, the evening Eikund was awarded for loose furniture product of the year for the Krysset chair.

This award is of momentous significance for Eikund and The Collective, as we launched Eikund into the UK only two months ago so to be recognised in such a elevated and esteemed arena reaffirms the level of welcome and excitement surrounding the arrival of this new brand to the United Kingdom.

As a company, Eikund are makers and treasure hunters, trawling through archives and attics with the objective of unearthing lost furniture gems designed in Norway during the mid century and bringing them back to lift with all the care, integrity and craftsmanship as originally intended.

Eikund currently offer coffee tables, lounge chairs, dining chairs and a stunning extendable dining table but as the treasure hunt continues, their range grows.

Eikunds furniture is now on the Architonic website - and available to buy from the Aram Store.