Headspace - 'Treat your head right'


For a few weeks I have heard the word 'Headspace' being thrown around a lot. When asking friends what it was, I wasn't surprised to hear that it was just another smartphone app. Apps come and go and I thought this one would share the commonly short life expectancy that so many apps die from.  But I was wrong. This App isn't just a trend, it's here to stay, and that's why I thought I would write about it.


Their 'Take 10' introduction allows you to sign up to 10 free sessions, there is no payment commitment required however a non negotiable commitment is that you find 10 minutes in your day, reform to a comfortable position and indulge in some meditation. Then if you find out that you have a hidden talent in meditation or fall in love with that 10 minutes a day,  then you can subscribe to Headspace for just £7.95 a month. In which then you are revealed to an entire world of personal reflection; with tips from professionals, focus points and rewards, as well as motivating your friends, while they motivate you. This really is the ideal app for those busy individuals that sometimes forget to come up for breath, it's time to stop and focus on you. 

Interested? Check it out for yourself.

'Andy Puddicombe is doing for meditation what Jamie Oliver has done for food.' New York Times