SAVE THE DATE 25/06/15


We've got a special secret to tell you and we have just about had enough of keeping it to ourselves. There is a date in the diary that we can't stay quiet about...On the 25th of June our fabulous Ophelis Docks will be starring at Mixology 15'. We have been shortlisted for PRODUCT OF THE YEAR - FURNITURE award. We are so thrilled with the news we haven't stopped grinning about it. As well as partying and rubbing elbows with other great interior entries, we are also looking forward to grooving on down to the marvellous DJ Grandmaster Flash. Who, if my research is correct (and wikipedia never lies) is known to be one of the founding fathers of hip-hop, and one thing The Collective can't resist, is a good old dance. So that should be very fun indeed. 


We hope your day is kind.