Salone del Mobile Milan 2015 off the beaten track

Salone del Mobile.Milan has come to a close for another year.  A massive show in a beautiful, historic city with so much to see it is impossible to cast your eyes over everything.

So accepting the reality of what was possible and getting into the Italian spirit, we imagine Salone del Mobile Milan as a hot, bubbling, baked lasagne.  Made up of many layers, each painstakingly prepared and assembled from the first layer of fresh pasta to the finale - chunks of stringy mozzarella placed haphazardly yet with intent.  Despite all this gooey scrumptiousness, if we were all honest the best part of the whole dish are the crispy bits around the edge that you scrape off with a knife in the kitchen when everyone has gone. This year we went in search of these delicious byproducts of the lasagne, feast on these tasty morsels.