Have a spare Fiverr?

Anything 4 a Fiverr...


I always knew that starting a company wouldn't be easy.  There are so many things you take for granted when you are working for an employer, the immediately evident included annual leave, sick pay, maternity pay (no I haven't any news I'm just being objective), the wonderful world of expenses and of course the material things such as a mobile phone, laptop or company car.

The realisation that came next left me in a world of unknown.  Logos, website, marketing material, banking, VAT, corporation tax…and what do I know about any of this?  Nada.  So I try this and trial that, purchase too many apps which promise to improve productivity when really what I need is a lock on the kettle and the biscuit cupboard between 9am and 6pm (eating and tea are my favourite forms of procrastination, funny that ironing or vacuuming didn't make it onto that list).

During my time setting up I was pointed by a friend in the direction of the website www.fivver.com which sounded too good to be true.  A website which connects people with skills with people who don't.  The way it works is you choose the person you want to work with judging on their comments and portfolio of work, give them your task, they charge you USD$5 and you get something along the lines of what you asked for.  Perhaps something completely different to what you expected which can be just as, if not more useful to the exact result you were expecting.  Saying that you may well end up with something you think your 3 year old niece could have done but hey, it was only £3.13.

The range of services on offer is quite substantial and sometimes wonderfully quirky.  For example, you could get someone to record a testimonial, proof read a document, create a logo, a caricature, a jingle, or if you are so inclined someone to write whatever you want with pigeons.


Worth a gander. 

No animals were harmed in the creation of this article.